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I've been a former government banker, teacher at an NGO and now a Content Marketer for the last 5 years.


The common thread that runs along each of these professions has been my ability to communicate effectively and with empathy.

My strengths also include creating diverse forms of content. On one end, I've created leads with insightful bottom-of-the-funnel blogs which involve extensive competitor research and analysis. While simultaneously, I've created a strong brand presence with quality top-of-the-funnel pieces which include thought leadership content for professional communities. 


My research-driven approach and management of cross-functional team collaborations with ease has led me to create valuable and insightful content for thousands of stakeholders and professional communities.


I'm a mom to two Persian cats, Ghost and Pepper and a Golden Retriever dog called Butters. There's never an unremarkable day at home.

I've recently taken interest in gaming because my husband is an active gamer. With his help, I've finished 'God of War', 'Elden Ring' and 'It Takes Two'. I've also finished 'Super Hexagon' which is one of the hardest mobile games out there.

And when I'm not gaming or bingeing on Youtube, I usually listen to ASMR and get cozy in my couch with a hot cup of tea.

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